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Welcome to the launch of Mistress Editing, detailed copyediting services focused on authors of romance and erotica!

I’m so excited to unveil the new look of my existing website for Hear to There Transcripts, as well as introduce my newest service, Mistress Editing. Big thanks to Denise Drespling for designing the new Transcripts logo and also the new look of the site. And of course, massive thanks to all of you for stopping by and being interested in what I have to offer. I’ve got a great giveaway for you, but first let me tell you a little bit about my role as Mistress.

Friends have been asking me for a long time to read and give them feedback on their sex scenes. Last year I started offering freelance copy editing and proofreading services under my Hear to There Transcripts & More umbrella, but it wasn’t until a romance-writing client asked me for basically “all that and more” with my feedback that Mistress Editing was born. Some freelance editors aren’t comfortable editing sexual content, or they simply don’t know enough about what it takes to keep intimate scenes from falling into silly or uninspired territory. On top of that, some editors suggest changes without explanation, or without enough explanation to help the writer learn techniques they can take and apply to future projects. That’s where I come in.

I’m here, crop in hand, just waiting for the chance to leave pretty red marks all over you–er, all over your words, that is. If you hire me, you’ll get a no-holds-barred, detailed line edit with more than just grammar and punctuation explanations. If I’m questioning your characters’ motivations, I’ll let you know. If you’ve used one of those words that just doesn’t work in a certain context, you can be sure I’ll leave a comment that says “Please don’t ever use this word again.” (Like moist. You know not to use moist, right?) My feedback is blunt, but I like to keep a conversational style so you hopefully feel like I’m your best friend delivering the tough love you always wished someone would give you. And I like to think I give plenty of loving, soothing after care in the form of detailed explanations regarding why you should say this, not that, why that comma doesn’t go there, or how you can better break the “rules” to create the desired effect in your writing. I strive to understand your unique style and voice and then help you tell the best possible story within that framework.

Does that sound like the kind of editing you’ve been missing? Then click the Mistress Editing tab at the top of the page to learn how to hire me. Or keep reading to find out how you could win free or discounted editing from me!

Giveaway Time!

To help kick off the official launch of Mistress Editing, I have a whole bunch of prizes to give away! My author friends have so kindly donated their own or other books in both digital and paperback formats. There’s also a $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs. But perhaps what you’re most coveting is my time. Enter for a chance to win a discounted edit of up to 100,000 words, or a free 10,000 word edit.

If you absolutely can’t wait a moment longer and want to know some of my best tips for taking your sex scenes to the next level, when you sign up for my newsletter (option in the Rafflecopter below), not only will you be entered into the giveaway, but you’ll also receive a PDF of my 5 Ways Not to Fuck Up Your Sex Scenes tip sheet. Because the only fucking on the page should be between your characters. (And if you snickered, as I did, because I just said “tip,” you are my kind of person and I think I love you.)

Don’t hesitate to comment, email me, or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions! Let the giveaway begin…

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