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Please, Mistress, may I have some more …

… feedback on how to make this scene more sensual?

Editing for Romance and Erotica Authors

I provide editing and proofreading services with a special focus on everything sexy. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a freelance editor who won’t blush at your colorful language and who feels comfortable enough to tell you that your word choice has turned your sex scene into slapstick comedy. That’s where I come in. A Mistress Edit is an in-depth line edit to help you improve your writing. If you don’t come away from a Mistress Edit with ideas and tools to prove your future projects, I haven’t done my job. In addition to addressing all of the finer points of language and grammar, I’ll whip you–er, I mean your writing–into submission.

Pricing varies based on the amount of work needed and starts at $0.01 per word (approximately $2.50 per page), with a minimum charge of $50. Contact me for a custom quote, sample edit, or to book a spot. I am open to working out payment plans if the cost of editing is prohibitive for you.

Sex Scene Doctor

If you’re looking for feedback on a specific sex scene or two rather than full editing for your entire manuscript, let me don my white coat and stethoscope and let’s play doctor. Rather, I’ll play doctor to your hand-picked scenes. You still get the full Mistress treatment, just in a bite-size portion. Sex Scene Doctor services will be a flat rate based the length/number of scenes and start at $50. Contact me for a custom quote.

My philosophy

When it comes to erotica and sexy scenes in general, I have a personal belief that the quality of prose, plot, and character development are just as important as making sure all of the moving parts are in the right places at the right time to make sparks fly, and that’s how I approach editing such content. If your goal is titillation first and everything else is just window dressing, I’m probably not the right editor for you. I consider the editing zone to be a judgment-free zone. My goal is to help you improve your writing, not to make you feel bad. You’ll get my no-holds-barred feedback, but always with plenty of suggestions to bring the emotional and physical aspects of the story together into something satisfying and exciting for the reader.

I welcome romance and erotica with characters of all genders, sexual orientations, and partnering styles. So whether you have a polyamorous LGBTQIA+ story with the occasional threesome or moresome or a strictly monogamous M/F couple, and whether it’s a short story, a full-length novel, or just a few handpicked scenes that you need help with, I’m the woman for the job. And I won’t even make you kiss my boots.

I have been a beta reader, critique partner, editor, and proofreader for authors ranging all the way from New York Times bestsellers Cali MacKay and Jean Oram to debut and emerging erotica and romance authors like Kimberlyn Day.

5 Ways Not to Fuck Up Your Sex Scenes

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