Transcription Services

I listen to every minute of audio myself and never use voice recognition or other speech-to-text software to ensure the most accurate transcript.

Text File Formatting

The basic formatting included in the price of your transcript is 1-inch margins all around, single-spaced, with bold font for the main speaker/interviewer, and roman font for the interviewee. I can accommodate minor changes, such as specific headers, typing into a template you provide, and margin or font preferences at no extra charge.

Files will be delivered in .doc or .docx format, but can also be delivered in .rtf, .odt, or .pdf if you prefer.


Unless you specify otherwise, audio will be transcribed in clean verbatim. This eliminates all or most occurrences of filler words such as ah, likeum, well, and so on. I will also eliminate stutters and false sentence starts. Occasionally these words or phrases may change the meaning of what is being said if omitted, and I will use my discretion to decide when they should be included.

If you require exact verbatim, it will require an extra charge as it can significantly increase the time needed to complete a transcript. Please contact me for a quote.

Why I charge based on audio length

I personally feel that charging based on the length of audio, rather than by actual hours spent transcribing, is the fairest method for all involved. It makes it easier for prospective clients to estimate the cost of their transcripts before they hire me because it eliminates the question of how fast I can type. A per-working-hour rate might sound good until your transcriber bills you for twice as much as you were anticipating. This way a client is not penalized if I only average 40 words per minute instead of 70 because I wasn’t feeling well that day.

It also helps me set realistic rates and schedules. I know how long it takes me to transcribe a certain amount of audio and what audio conditions will add extra time. Charging by audio minute and quality ensures that I don’t accept more projects than I’m capable of completing.

Additional information

A portion of what I do is research to find correct spelling of industry-specific vocabulary I encounter while transcribing. If your project includes highly specialized terms, a list of these words and their correct spelling would be helpful for me, though it is not required. If there is a discussion guide, that would be a good resource as well. If your project includes speaker identification, a list of correctly spelled names would be appreciated.

Please use the contact form or e-mail me to get your project started:

Base Transcript Rates

Standard turnaround (3-5 business days)
Rush (24-48 hours)*
$1.20 per minute
$1.40 per minute


More than 4 speakers
Time stamps
Speaker identification (3+ speakers)
Difficult Audio**
$0.20 per minute
$0.20 per minute
$0.20 per minute
$0.30 per minute

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If your transcription project requires more complex formatting or other special considerations, please contact me for a custom quote. I’m more than happy to work with you to get the desired final product.

One-person dictation or projects that don’t require verbatim transcription may be less than the prices stated here. Invoices totaling $200 or more will be subject to a 3% service charge if paying via PayPal. Please contact me for a quote.


* Because I’m a one-woman operation, rush completion may not be available for all types/lengths of transcripts.

** Audio is considered difficult when the recording quality is poor or if it contains significant background noise, multiple speakers with a significant amount of crosstalk, and/or strong speaker accent.